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Welcome to Maturing in Marriage! Monnique and I are blessed that you have chosen this ministry as a resource for your marriage. It is our goal to provide foundational information to help you successfully navigate through your marriage. It is our mission to build marriages that impact our communities and subsequently impacts today’s culture.

In nearly three decades of marriage, we have experienced many of the challenges that married couples go through. Monnique and I have developed a passion to help marriages mature, especially since we recognize the correlation between marriage and societal failures and successes. Over the years we have helped many couples make the decision to stay and more importantly, to mature in their marriages.

Maturation includes the understanding that the length of marriage isn’t as important as giving attention to the changes and challenges that occur. Let’s work together and keep our marriages strong and as a result, we will build stronger communities!

Overview of Leaders

Daren and Monnique Barron have nearly three decades of demonstration that couples can mature and have a successful marriage. The Barron’s met while in college and got married and quickly Soon after, they started a family which resulted in five beautiful adult children, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and two dogs.

Daren and Monnique are very candid about their challenges throughout their years and have made it their job to extend that transparency to other couples in order to help with challenges that occur while in married. One staple the Barron’s have used in building their marriage comes through fostering relationships with married couples who possess their answer and not their problem. In simpler terms, they intentionally stay connected with seasoned couples who prove to be great mentors. Doing so has been a true blessing to the Barron's who believe they are blessed to be a blessing and have now committed their lives to working with couples who seriously desire to mature in marriage.

The Barrons host an annual marriage retreats where the real life relevant issues that couples face are dealt with in a group setting. Over the years of hosting the retreat, their genuine and transparent approach has encouraged many couples not to give up, but to Mature in Marriage.

Stand for Marriage

We are taking a global stand for marriages. We are believing for 1000 couples to register. Sign up and stand with us to say you believe in marriage!

Total Individuals Taking a Stand for Marriage to Date: 78

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