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Welcome to our Maturing in Marriage website. We are excited that you have decided to visit this online resource that offers tools, tips, techniques, retreats, real communication and Biblical teachings to help you be successful in marriage.

Lady Monnique and I have been married for almost 23 years and we have personally experienced the ups and downs that naturally occur when two people get married. Over the years, we have developed a passion to help marriages mature. We want to encourage you right now, “Do not quit!” Now is the time to get serious about making the necessary changes to gain victory and to keep your vow to be together until death do us part.

No matter how short or long you have been married, it can and will get challenging at times. We have experienced those times ourselves, but we also have celebrated the most rewarding and enjoyable times of our lives. As you decide to mature in marriage rather than to quit on your marriage, you too will experience the ultimate rewards.

Overview of Leaders

Daren and Monnique Barron have over two decades of proving that couples can mature and have a successful marriage. The Barron’s met in college, got married and quickly started a family which resulted in five beautiful children and a wonderful family dog named Princeton.

Over time, the Barrons learned that a marriage must be taken care of; it must be given time and attention to mature. They also learned that a marriage cannot mature beyond the two people within the marriage, which means considerable investment must be made individually for the sake of the union.

Daren and Monnique are very candid about their challenges throughout their years and even more importantly, they have extended themselves to help other couples succeed when the marriage gets challenging. One of their secrets to a successful marriage is connecting with couples that have their answer and not their problem! Hence, they intentionally stay connected with seasoned couples who have been married much longer than them and who experience joy in the longevity of their union. This has been a true blessing to Daren and Monnique who believe that they are blessed to be a blessing and have now committed their lives to working with couples who seriously desire to mature in their marriage.

The Barrons host an annual marriage retreat where the real life, relevant issues that couples face are dealt with in a group setting. Over the years of hosting the retreat, their genuine and transparent approach has encouraged many couples not to give up, but to mature in marriage.

Stand for Marriage

We are taking a global stand for marriages. We are believing for 1000 couples to register. Sign up and stand with us to say you believe in marriage!

Total Individuals Taking a Stand for Marriage to Date: 743

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